Susan and Joseph DeMedio
Susan and Joseph DeMedio
Jayme DeMedio and Jose Gonzalez
Jayme DeMedio and Jose Gonzalez

DeMedio’s Building Maintenance, Inc. is a family business both in ownership and how we operate. Founded in 1986 by Joseph DeMedio, we continue to provide and deliver reliable, worry-free janitorial/cleaning services to all of our current and potential clients. We not only love to clean but we strive to provide outstanding janitorial/cleaning services. Not everyone is qualified to clean. It takes both aptitude and attitude.

When the we recruit new team members, we look not just at their skill set and work record, but also at their mental outlook. Our employees WANT to clean. They enjoy working with their hands and they pride themselves on their ability to restore a space to its clean and fresh appearance.

When someone joins the DeMedio’s crew, they receive training and support as well as opportunity and reward. With this combination, you are sure to have a cleaning crew that will not only match your needs, but exceed your expectations.

With such loyalty and skills in-house, we never need to sub-contract to others or to recruit day laborers to fulfill our obligations.  And rest assured, DeMedio’s Building Maintenance, Inc. is certified, licensed, bonded, and fully insured.

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The DeMedio Difference

Some people think of cleaning as a “necessary evil.” A chore that must be done.

Not us.


We do it because we love it. We relish the challenge to return a dirty space to its like-new condition. We thrive on the “WOW!” reactions our work gets from our customers. We thrill to our ability to transform an area, literally overnight.

We know how to make your space shine again!

Here’s what really matters in an office cleaning service:


We treat your office as if it were our own.

We believe the best testimonial to our trustworthiness is the many many accounts that have chosen to work with us for literally decades. That speaks volumes about the care we deliver. Some clients are even on their second generation of family ownership! We take great pride in that.

And our crew members have been with us for 5 to 25 years. No subcontractors either. Our team is just that. Ours!


A clean office is vital to your company’s success. A professional image helps boost employee morale and increase client satisfaction, while at the same time preserving your building.

We are shocked and saddened when we hear about some cleaning companies that don’t do the work as promised. Or worse, don’t show up at all. (We know, because clients share their past cleaning company nightmares with us.)

The DeMedio’s show up on time, every time to do the job. We perform the work as you expect. It’s our promise to you. You have a business to run, you don’t want the hassle of wondering “will the office be ready for my client’s visit tomorrow?” With the DeMedio’s, you never have to worry.

If you’d like to never worry about no-show cleaners or skipped tasks again, contact us for a free cleaning assessment and estimate.

We won’t let you down!


Our bids match your needs. They are based on our thorough inspection of your site and our discussion with you of what you expect and how you’ll judge our success. That makes them realistic and tailored to your needs.

And once engaged, we don’t create “make work” projects. We won’t say “time to strip and wax the floors” just because 3 months have passed. We perform the work only when you need it done.
It’s all part of the trust we build with each client.

Contact us for a free cleaning assessment and fair estimate.

Expertly Trained Crew

Our cleaning crew is expertly trained and have a lot of practical experience restoring space and furnishings to their previous beauty.
We also have specialists available for especially difficult tile, rubber or concrete floor problems, chrome you thought beyond help, or if you end up with a damage/restoration issue.

Because we only recruit a special type of person, we can support an ongoing program of training, support and reward for our crews. This approach has paid off, both for clients and for us. Most of our team has been with us for more than 5 years and some folks have been part of the DeMedio’s family for over 20 years. That’s the experience, trust, and reliability we all treasure in team members. Ask other cleaning companies where their crews come from. Ask them how they’ve been trained. Ask them about their quality control standards. Then compare to what you know about the DeMedio’s.

Choose the company with the highly trained, dedicated people who WANT to make your space look good again, and again, and again!

Focused On Your Needs

You define the work you want done. You pick the contract length.
You specify the frequency of our visits.

And you tell us what day(s) of the week and times you want us to come in. We flex to fit your needs.